A Nile Visitor

Mr. Radix-Carter, a K1 teacher at our school, visited our classroom to talk about his trips to Uganda. He lived there for 5 months, volunteered in an orphanage, and spent time along the Nile. He showed us pictures of some of the animals he saw along the Nile. He told us about all the farmers and fishermen he saw working along the Nile.

IMG_1656 IMG_1658

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Inspired by George Washington Carver and Wangari Maathai

See our newsletter for a more in-depth write up about our work around George Washington Carver and Wangari Maathai, keepers of the earth.


Planting a tree in honor of Wangari Maathai and Our Earth

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Botanists exploring healthy foods


Designing and building structures to help the tree we planted grow erect.


Problem solving what she could build that would help the tree grow erect. She kept persevering even though her tower kept falling down.


We asked students, “If you could invent something out of sweet potatoes or peanuts, what would you make?” Cameran said he would invent a Sweet Potato Man, so he is illustrating and writing about his invention.


Exploring Lois Ehlert’s book, Eating the Alphabet and putting together fruit and vegetable puzzles.


Looking at the pictures in Time Magazine’s What to Eat Now issue and putting together fruit and vegetable puzzles.


Exploring the parts of an insect using science tools and books