Connecting Classroom and Community

This week we took a field trip to the Makerbot store to learn more about 3D printing and how it works. Kids were fascinated with how you could take a picture and turn it into an actual object. When Eva showed us the file of the 3 little pigs, we connected it to the pigs and wolves that we printed at the South End Technology Center. The kids were enamored by a video of a spider that was made of 3D printed parts and wanted to know how it works. They were very surprised that 3D printers print so slowly and recognized that we have 3D objects in our classroom too and that we have been talking about 3D objects in our construction and math units.We also were able to touch some of the objects in the store and they gave us a parting gift. Just as exciting for most kids was the bus ride. Some of them had never been on a school bus before, so they felt very empowered.


Watching a 3D printer in action


Wondering about how the 3D printer works and listening to Ms. Alex explain


Looking at some of the objects made by the 3D printers


Playing with some of the cool puzzle piece toys they had at the store


They had a lot of really awesome dragons!


We thought the castle was really awesome!


Looking at the different 3D printed creatures

On Friday, Sensei Marvin Harris came to visit our school. He attended the PA Shaw as a Kindergartener and now lives 3 streets away from the school. He teaches at the YMCA in Dorchester and at the Curley and Young Achievers schools. He did a re-reading of the Three Ninja Pigs, which was the kids’ favorite book from the Construction Unit. He then did a demonstration for the students and talked about martial arts as a way of protecting yourself and the importance of respecting yourself, your body and your peers.


Sensei Marvin Harris rereading the Three Ninja Pigs, connecting literacy and our Construction unit


Talking about how martial arts should be used to protect yourself, not to hurt others and the importance of treating people the way you want to be treated


He talked about the importance of focus and concentration for Martial arts and learning to read.


Ms. Carla held the board for Sensei Marvin Harris.


Marvin did a kick a broke the board in half! Kids thought that was the coolest thing they had ever seen!

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