Fairy Tales 

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be very intelligent, read them more fairy tales. -Albert Einstein

This week we started talking about fairy tales. We talked about what the students know and want to learn and when we are done with this unit, we will talk about what they have learned. We read The 3 Little Pigs, Billy Goats Gruff,  and the Little Red Hen and with each story, we talked about the title, characters, setting, plot and solution.

Now we are going to focus on the three little pigs story. Next week we will read different versions of the story. The kids are really excited about the different versions we will be reading, particularly The Three Ninja Pigs, The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot, The Three Little fish and the Big, Bad Shark, The Three Little Wolves and the Big, Bad Pig, The Three Little Gators and Big Bad Boar, The Three Little Javelinas, and The Three Little Cajun Pigs. They are just thrilled we will get to read all these different versions. 

We are going to connect geography to the stories by looking at where the stories originate. We will be using a map to show the students where those places are. 

Going along with the mapping, we want to put our construction unit in a global context for kids by having them build structures from around the world.  There are many paths for teaching the Focus on K2 curriculum, and we are developing our own independent path, the Focus on Kindersteam (Steam stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.)

With this in mind, each day we will put up a picture of a different structure in the block area so students can build their version of it.

Students requested that we read The Three Ninja Pigs first.  That story takes place in Japan, so we will be finding Japan on a map, talking about how to find Japan on a map, learning some Japanese words, and then building one of the Japanese buildings that are in the illustrations of this book. We are going to blow up one of the illustrations and have them use the illustrations to guide their building in the block area. As we read all these versions of the Three Little Pigs, we will continue talking about elements of story, focusing on beginning, middle, and end. 

Additionally, students are going to design a set from the book so they can act out the story in the dramatic play area, which we are converting in our “Black Box Theater.” 

Reading and writing will also be integrated into the curriculum. We will be continuing with the guided reading books and writing responses to what we are reading as well as writing about the beginning, middle and end of the story. In math, we are starting a measurement unit. We will be measuring different objects around the classroom (how many cubes long is my shoe?). We will also be continuing with addition and subtraction. 

For engineering, we will be building structures from around the world, working on designing and building tree houses and thinking about how the materials we use impact the strength of the structure. 

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