Building Challenge: Marble Ramps

Today and yesterday, students have been building marble ramps out of cardboard tubes, plastic marble run parts, and refrigerator packaging. Yesterday, some of the students built a marble ramp in the classroom. In addition to a ramp, they created a wall so the marbles didn’t go flying across the classroom. LaQuan was working on this and told Ms. Alicia that he, “want(s) to draw a blueprint of the Super Marble Run” and “make improvements and test out the marble spheres.” Other students put together plastic pieces to make a ramp. IMG_3902 IMG_3906 IMG_3907 IMG_3909

Today we used long, thick cardboard tubes and three different kinds of balls. We tested what we had to do to make the balls go through the tubes and how the speeds of the different balls compared (the marble was always the fastest!). One of the tubes had a bend in it, and even though the marble would go through, the bouncy ball kept getting stuck. The students loved chasing the balls around the hallway and experimenting with the angle of the tube to make the ball go farther and faster.

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